RaadTECH Products
RaadTECH helps companies cut the cost of research, development and training whilst ensuring that the core competencies of these companies are evolved to meet the customer's strategic goals.
RaadTECH also develops university level Engineering modules to allow universities to meet the demand for new and relevant educational content.
RaadTECH' s suite of services include product research, research strategic planning, software development, education and training. This suite of products allows RaadTECH to identify with the customer's goals and interests and to define suitable solutions that meet the clients' needs.

Product research is streamlined with RaadTECH 's Research service, allowing innovative companies to perform the required research in a step by step manner to reduce technical risk as well as allow measured and controlled investment.

Software product development is enhanced with RaadTECH 's development service that can provide a complete software product or can be used to implement part of the product. RaadTECH's commitment to on-time delivery and its task oriented pricing allows product managers to budget accurately and provides client organizations confidence in technical risk management.

Companies looking to enhance their return on investment in research activities are served by RaadTECH 's intellectual property analysis and research strategic planning service. RaadTECH  analyses the client's intellectual property, that property's relationship to the core products of the client, the competitive environment in which the client operates and determines a research path that the client should take. This service allows a research road map to be developed that suites the client's budget whilst meeting the strategic direction of management.

Clients can also take advantage of RaadTech 's product documentation service to better improve their product's image and usability. RaadTech  has the technical skill to understand the intricate details of the client's products as well as the ability to guide a novice through the use of those products.

Universities, training institutions and companies can also benefit from RaadTECH 's training service. RaadTECH  produces complete university grade modules in Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering that can be delivered as either part of a wider course or can be delivered individually in a focused, condensed manner. RaadTECH  enables client staff to deliver the modules or can provide personnel to deliver the material on behalf of the client.

RaadTECH provides a suite of services to enable clients to increase their return on investment in research, development, planning and training. RaadTECH 's team is dedicated to exceeding the client's expectations from all of these services.