RaadTECH Consulting
Innovation and Research Excellence

RaadTECH is a technology consultancy that helps companies develop and utilize new communications technology. RaadTECH offers a suite of services that help companies research and develop new products as well as support those products. RaadTECH also aids companies in the development of training material and product documentation.

RaadTECH is a consultancy with staff dedicated to ensuring that the customer's business objectives are met by exceeding the customer's service expectations. RaadTECH endevours to reduce the cost of research and development to innovating organizations, allowing these organizations to define technology research projects that give a competitive advantage and to meet the product quality requirements of todays competitive market place.

RaadTECH adds value to its clients by providing services that allow the costs of research, development, planning and education to be effectively controlled.

Products and Services
·Research and Development  process streamlining
· Products for IPR capture and  development
· Tailored R&D services
· Competitive advantage  reports
· Software development
· Training and Education